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πŸ“Œ Our investment thesis

As far as the stage is concerned, we focus on Seed, Pre-Series A, and Series A. Our renewed goal is to source ~ 80% deals from the following sectors.

The remaining ~20% can be from any other sectors.

We lay emphasis on the following during evaluation phase and in that order.

1️⃣ Founding and senior leadership team,

2️⃣ Market potential and understanding, and

3️⃣ Application of technology

πŸ“Š Ideas to Outcomes

πŸ”€ Our approach

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βœ… Our impact

πŸ’° Our portfolio

We engage with best entrepreneurial minds from across India and outside India, regardless where they come from.

πŸš€ Start-ups: Deal pipeline

[Video: Two (4:02 and 6:23) of the Karnataka’s top 10 start-ups that are headquartered in small towns β€” outside Bangalore β€” are in the deal pipeline.]

πŸ¦„ Unicorn Pitches India

We take immense pride in supporting the startup ecosystem in a meaningful way. One such initiative is our "Unicorn Pitches India (UPI)". We, in collaboration with partner, organize high quality startup pitches made by bold and ambitious founders, who have the determination to potentially take their ventures into the unicorn club.

β€œOur endeavor is to provide a level playing field to all the shortlisted startups regardless of whether they are from a big city or a small remote town, and get them pitch to partner-level VCs from like-minded fellow venture capital firms in our network. This works pretty well for the participating funds (from India and abroad) as UPI provides high quality curated mandates for co-investment opportunities. We are mindful in carefully designing all aspects of UPI, including diversity of the Jury Board, early-stage startups, and growth-stage companies with international expansion plans,” said Mr. Subrata Patra, Managing Partner, Ideacapital Ventures.

If you are such a founder β€” and your venture is registered in India or one of your co-founders is Indian origin (venture can be registered outside India) or India is one of your key markets, then reach out to us at It is a 180-second pitch, followed by Q&A. So, we expect pitching startups to prepare extremely well and put their best foot forward.

Our Jury Board consists of seasoned Venture Capitalists from India and around the world, business angels, and industry experts.

For others, please contact

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